Friday, 8 June 2007

It's war

Date: Friday, 13 April 2007 9:18 AM
Open Letter to the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister for Environment and Water Resources, concerning the proposal to divert water from the Clarence Catchment Area river systems - 13th April 2007
Dear Sir,
Many river systems flowing within New South Wales borders, including the Murray-Darling, Murrumbidgee, Lachlan and Snowy, are significantly compromised by existing water storage, diversion and extraction schemes in this state and elsewhere.
The Clarence catchment area river systems are as yet relatively untouched by such water schemes.
This is not just the result of historical accident which has seen low levels of agricultural irrigation, little heavy industry and a long lead-in time to sustained high population growth.
It is also due to a conscious effort, on the part of Clarence catchment area communities and local government, to responsibly manage these river systems over time.
Nevertheless, these river systems remain variable and under stress particularly within the Clarence River delta and, some bodies of water such as Lake Wooloweyah teeter on a fragile balance.
Your announcement on 12 April 2007 of a proposal to divert Clarence catchment area water to south-east Queensland clearly demonstrates that you do not act in the best interests of your portfolio.
You appear to be acting from the world view of the investment banker you were until your election as the Liberal Party Member for Wentworth.
Water diversion will not benefit either the Clarence catchment area environment or the communities which live within it and draw communal prosperity from it.
Benefits for south-east Queensland are likely to be transitory and will do nothing to discourage continued unsustainable growth and development in that region.
There can be no guarantee sought or given, which will limit any water diversion to water dedicated for drinking only, once such water enters large dams and/or town water reticulation systems.
The only guaranteed benefits from this water diversion proposal will flow to major international water traders, multinational construction companies and, the commercial entities which fund and/or facilitate their operations.
Your announcement demonstrates the Howard Government's hostile intent towards the Clarence Valley.
Such hostile intent is likely to elicit an equally aggressive response. Civil wars are started this way.
If, in a century likely to be dominated by the effects of global warming, the Clarence catchment area becomes a focus of the first modern Australian water war then so be it.
I for one will support and/or participate in resistance to your flawed policy. Including any legal challenges, mass demonstrations or physical obstruction of construction work.
To this end, I will donate part of my modest income to those community and industry groups which resist.
Water in the Clarence catchment area river systems does not belong to Australia as you assert and, only nominally belongs to New South Wales.
It more truly belongs to the land through which it flows and, is held in trust by local communities for future generations.
Mr. Turnbull, I emphatically say to you: Not one drop from the mighty Clarence.
Yours faithfully,


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