Saturday, 16 June 2007

He said, she said

He said: "Well it's not NSW's water, it's Australian water...." [John Howard in Lismore Northern Star,online,30 December 2006,"Howard wades into water debate"

She said: Thankfully the Australian Constitution does not allow Mr. Howard free reign to indulge his centralist dreams.
Commonwealth Native Title legislation also recognises prior claim. The Clarence River, from Harwood bridge to the river mouth is subject to a registered claim currently being adjudicated.

He said: "There's a thriving fishing, prawning and boating industry in northern NSW and we don't support his (Turnbull's) proposal whatsoever." [Morris Iemma in The Daily Telegraph,online,13 April 2007,"Howard backs river raid"]

She said: This statement shows a realistic grasp of the situation and, is one that a majority of Clarence Valley residents are likely to agree with.

He said: "The Snowy Mountains report on options for sourcing water for southeast Queensland from the northern rivers of NSW provides a number of sensible options to secure water supplies for both northern NSW and and southeast Queensland;...." [Malcolm Turnbull in,16 April 2007,article,"Goodwill Must Flow Across The State Lines"]

She said: As the C'wealth Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, clearly demonstrates why appointing someone to a sensitive ministry on the apparent basis of their past generosity to the Liberal Party was not the brightest idea.

He said: "We have no constitutional power with water..." [Bill Heffernan in ABC TV,Landline,interview,21 May 2006]

She said: So why is the Howard Government pushing so hard on the Clarence catchment water diversion proposal? Ah yes, it is an election year and there are a lot of irrigators, mining companies and other bulk water users to appease.

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