Sunday, 24 June 2007

Surfin' the blogs (2)

Quotes from water diversion and Clarence River blogs displayed on "Google Search", Sunday, 24 June 2007.
"To damn this area for the sake of a Commonwealth solution to a drastic environmental situation is to create for the people who live here a drastic environmental situation."
[Caoimh at]
"...and where would we be when drought hits Northern NSW at the same [time] as Queensland?"
[Tony Healy at]
"Just another manipulative, divisive, clumsy distraction, from the most clumsy, divisive, manipulative, and self serving politician this country has seen."
[aussiewasteland at]
"I believe it's just a political stunt, the P.M.cannot help himself having a go at his home state. Queensland land has plenty of water up north and that's where they should be building the dams."
[David Barrow at]
"It may not be NSW water, John.
But neither is it Howard water."
[Andrew Sakadi at]

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