Friday, 31 August 2007

Clarence Valley - a pattern card for good water management and climate change outcomes

Ocean Watch Australia (OWA), in partnership with the NSW Dept. of Education and Training and the Geography Teachers' Association of NSW, has created a Year 10 teaching resource "Our Valuable Estuaries, Coast & Marine Environs - Making Connections".
The Clarence Valley was chosen as the lead case study area by the steering committee "in recognition of the high quality catchment and flood plain management outcomes being achieved here". [The Daily Examiner,Grafton,"State teaching resource to feature Clarence Valley",31 August 2007,p.14]
Meanwhile, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW inaugural regional Climate Change Challenge was wrapped up in the Clarence Valley this week with positive outcomes.
Perhaps all the water raiders lining up behind those 'aspirational nationalists', John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull, should consider what this says about the Clarence Valley's commitment to maintaining a healthy and productive catchment river system and acting responsibly in the face of projected climate change.
Communities, local government and industry in the Clarence Valley are working together in an attempt to achieve sustainability without expecting other areas to bail them out of any difficulties.

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