Friday, 14 September 2007

New Queensland Premier Bligh eyes off Clarence water

Now Peter Beattie has retired it appears that Queensland is once more quite willing to be a party to the attempted theft of Clarence River catchment fresh water.
New Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, is quoted a saying that: "she would support the idea of a dam on the Clarence if the Federal Government decided to pipeline water to South East Queensland, but Premier Bligh said she didn't believe it would ever happen." [The Daily Examiner,Grafton,editorial,"Water high on Bligh's agenda",14 September 2007,p.8].
One has to wonder why Premier Bligh would bother to utter this support for the Howard-Turnbull water raid if she really felt it wouldn't happen. It seems this brand-new premier is indulging in a few weasel words herself.
Federal and NSW Labor continue as the only parliamentary parties which are prepared to fully back the Clarence Valley's stand against this attempt to rob it of its environmental, economic, social and cultural future.
It is looking more and more as though Kevin '07 is our only hope of certainty with regard to local catchment water security.

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