Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Albanese on the Howard-Turnbull water raid

"A Rudd Labor Government will scrap Mr Howard and Mr Turnbull's plan to dam the Clarence and Tweed Rivers.

In April 2007, Mr Howard strongly supported damming the Clarence, saying it "passed the pub test".

That's why he commissioned a study which Malcolm Turnbull strongly supported.

Locals have a right to be confused about and cynical about Mr Howard's motives. He will say whatever it takes to win the election.

If the Howard Government is re-elected on 24 November they will pursue their plans for the dam, either before or after John Howard retires.

Labor unequivocally opposes a dam on the Clarence River, and only a Rudd Labor Government will stop the dam." [Antony Albanese MP, joint media release with Paul Sekfy,15 October 2007]

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