Sunday, 7 October 2007

John Howard to visit the Clarence Valley

John Howard is to attend an invitation-only morning tea in the Clarence Valley on Wednesday 10 October and, attend the official opening of new facilities at Grafton Hockey Fields [The Daily Examiner,Grafton,"Howard on the way",5 October 2007,p. 1].

Word is that John Howard's staff are none too pleased that his visit was outed so early.

Valley residents are waiting to see if the Prime Minister:
a) mispronounces the names of both Nationals standing in Page and Cowper;
b) announces Commonwealth funding for the Pacific Highway upgrade and, includes previous funding commitments in the newly announced total amount;
c) urges Clarence Valley residents to push for local hospital boards;
d) offers to 'buy' Grafton Hospital for one dollar;
e) again urges Clarence Valley residents not to be parochial about Clarence River water;
f) mentions his family connection with the Clarence Valley but gives a sanitised rendition of history; or
g) forgets entirely which marginal seat he is actually visiting on the day.

The overall Valley attitude to this visit is "Ho hum", with only rusted on Libs and Nats expected to want to see the man.
It is interesting to note that Antony Green characterizes Page as the most rural electorate at risk of falling to Labor.

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