Friday, 2 November 2007

Is Tenterfield trying to create a local dam in order to raid the Clarence River?

According to the Clarence Environment Centre, Tenterfield Shire Council continues its plans for a dam on the Mole River, a relatively small unregulated river with no existing water gauges and no legislated environmental flow.

After a representative of the Centre recently visited the area and spoke with Tenterfield Shire Council's General Manager, suspicions remain that this new dam proposal might be a second front in the water raiders' efforts to steal Clarence River freshwater.

No evidence could be found to justify the proposed 500 gigalitre dam capacity based on apparently moderate flows within the Mole River's approximately 200 square kilometre catchment.
To keep this dam filled and capable of passing water through to the Murray-Darling river system as intended, a second water source is likely to be required.

Tenterfield Shire Council is on record as wanting an interbasin transfer from the Clarence River catchment involving similar volumes of water to that proposed for this new dam.

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