Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nationals MP for Clarence says the mighty river is not for diversion

The aptly named Clarrie Rivers over at North Coast Voices posted this earlier today:

Nationals MP for Clarence maintains 'total, over-my-dead-body opposition to any diversion of the Clarence River'

Steve Cansdell, State MP for Clarence, has told the Murray-Darling Association and Councils from western New South Wales they are wasting their time with their proposal to raid the Clarence River.

I have never believed in the saying that politics is the art of compromise. In life, you have to stand up for what you believe in or step out of the ring
That is why I maintain my total, over-my-dead-body opposition to any diversion of the Clarence River.
The latest bid to raid our river comes from the Murray-Darling Association backed by some Councils from western New South Wales.
You're wasting your time guys, because the answer is still no. We are sympathetic to your water problems, but this is not the way to solve them.
It is far too expensive both in dollar terms and in environmental costs, and you just couldn't pump the volume of water needed to fix the Murray-Darling water crisis anyway.
I am not sure if the plan has ever been costed, but it is unquestionably beyond the financial reach of the state and federal governments, which are already deeply in the red.
Ecologically it is about as smart as our forefathers' decision to introduce to Australia rabbits, foxes and cane toads.
It is a bit like raising the rate of the GST. The only way it can happen is if both the State and Federal Governments agree to it.
The NSW Parliament passed a motion against the proposal a little over two years ago. When I spoke in that debate, I said people wanting Clarence water are welcome to it, but only if they move here.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd also gave an unequivocal pre-election pledge it would not happen under his watch, and this is one promise he has to keep.
Finally, congratulations again to the Daily Examiner for its "Not one Drop" campaign. With his front-page story on Monday, David Bancroft was once again bang on the mark. It is good to see the local media in touch with the local community.

Mr. Cansdell's support for Clarence River communities is appreciated, however this support is somewhat at odds with the political arm of the National Party in New South Wales which fourteen months ago was still clinging to the notion of turning coastal water inland.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, Steve Cansdell! Looks like Mr Cansdell (the State MP) and Ian Causley (the former federal member for Page) won't be exchanging Christmas cards this year. Red neck Causley is an out-and-out supporter of plans to send Clarence waters west.

8 August 2009 at 9:54 pm  

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