Thursday, 29 September 2011

NSW Nationals preselection candidates for Clarence by-election questioned

Letter to the Editor in The Daily Examiner
28 September 2011:

Questions for candidates

I read with interest the names of those individuals who are standing for NSW National Party pre-selection for the forthcoming Clarence by-election to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Steve Cansdell.

Given that there is such a large field of contenders and, the importance of a sustainable and secure Clarence River catchment and Coffs Harbour-Clarence Valley urban water supply, it is not unreasonable to expect these individuals to answer a few questions in order to satisfy both their fellow Nationals and the wider electorate as to their good faith and future intentions.

Question One: If elected will you oppose any move by local, state or federal governments to further dam and divert water from the Clarence River catchment, including the granting of water extraction rights for mining operations or other large volume water users?

Question Two: If you undertake to oppose such water diversion/extraction will you publicly oppose any Coalition policy which supports it, even to the point of crossing the floor to vote against your party?

Question Three: Have you ever in a public or private capacity had contact with any representatives of a mining corporation or energy company operating within or intending to operate within Australia and/or, have you ever had contact with any representatives or agents for a mining corporation or energy company holding exploration licenses in Northern NSW?

Question Four: Have you ever given a general or specific undertaking to any representative or agent of a mining corporation or energy company that you will look favourably on their proposal or will further their consultation or negotiations with any tier of government, other businesses or communities in Northern NSW?

Public silence on any or all these questions over the next week will be taken to indicate that pre-selection candidates have something they wish to conceal from both North Coast Nationals and Clarence voters.

Yamba NSW 2464

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