Thursday, 5 July 2007

Hon. John Winston Howard, Prime Minister

This man is the Prime Minister of Australia.
His paternal grandparents lived for some time in the Clarence Valley. His father, Lyall Falconer Howard, was born in the Valley.
So it is somewhat surprising to find that John Howard appears to have little understanding of the Clarence River or the communities which depend on its continued health and productivity.
As Howard the politician tends to act on the basis of personal prejudice rather than party policy, one has to wonder if he feels that the Clarence Valley failed his family in the past.
Couldn't the Clarence Valley supply business opportunities to equal the later plantations in New Guinea? [,The Sydney Morning Herald,"The secret Howard plantations",10 June 2006]
Or was it that the Valley failed to be markedly pro-fascist all those years ago? [Workers Online:year end 2003,Moore,Andrew,"The New Guard"]
There has to be some explanation as to why John Howard has personally endorsed the attempts to raid Clarence catchment water.

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