Saturday, 28 July 2007

Turnbull refuses to rule out damming the Clarence

'Meanwhile, federal Water Resources Minister Malcolm Turnbull will not rule out constructing a new dam in northern NSW to ease water shortages in south-east Queensland.
The Federal Government has raised the possibility of piping water across the state border, prompting strong local opposition to the idea.
Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has assured the region that a Labor government would not build a dam on the Clarence River.
Speaking on the Gold Coast, Mr. Turnbull said the Government would consider all options.
"Our approach to water is that every option should be on the table," he said.
"You have got to look at everything, make an informed decision, have an informed debate, don't rule things in or out as a matter of prejudice, because the problem is if you do that you end up having no options left."' [ABC Online,Gold and Tweed Coasts Queensland,26 July 2007]

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