Saturday, 15 September 2007

Calling all voters in the Bennelong electorate


To any Bennelong voters reading this post.

John Howard wants you - but do you want him?
When you go to the polls come election day, please remember that a vote for John Winston Howard is also a vote to rob the NSW Northern Rivers and, the Clarence Valley in particular, of vital freshwater which secures the environmental, economic, social and cultural values of the Clarence River system and the communities who depend on this coastal river.
The Clarence Valley Council has said no to the Howard-Turnbull push. Likewise the Clarence River Professional Fishermen's Association and local environmental groups.
The NSW Government has firmly rejected the Clarence water diversion proposals or any northern NSW interstate water transfer. It knows our local fishing and tourism industries reliably contribute to the State economy.
But still an arrogant and ill-informed Howard Government continues on with the creation of terms of reference for the great water heist.
Don't let John Howard steal our fresh water!

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