Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Turnbull set straight on Clarence water flows

Last week Clarence Valley conservationists met with Malcolm Turnbull, Federal Minister for Environment and Water Resources.
John Edwards, representing the Clarence Environment Centre and North Coast Environment Council, along with Leonie Blain, representing the Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition and National Parks Association, presented the minister with a detailed submission opposing damming the Clarence River or its main tributary the Mann River.
The pair "challenged the minister on why outdated water flow data was included in the SMEC report, and why the effects of climate change had not been taken into account in its preparation."
[The Daily Examiner,Grafton,"Turnbull set straight on water flows",5 August 2007,p.5]
Mr. Turnbull was told that opposition to damming the river system was based on "environmental concerns and its potential impacts on primary industries". [ibid]
The same water diversion issue has seen an independent documentary commenced by local photographer Lyn Hope [The Daily Examiner,Grafton,"Dam plan prompts doco",5 August 2007,p.4]
Ms. Hope says she was "so incensed with the possibility that the Clarence might be dammed that she brought herself a digital camera and is most of the way through producing her first documentary." [ibid]

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