Friday, 2 November 2007

Clarence River diversion still a hot potato in election year

Despite every indication to the contrary, the Federal Coalition continues to deny its plan to raid Clarence River catchment water.
See link:,25197,22689001-30417,00.html

Last Wednesday Kevin Rudd challenged Messrs Howard and Turnbull on the dam issue. Mr. Turnbull's response was that his pledge not to dam the Oxley River, in another valley further north, really meant the Clarence as well. [The Daily Examiner, Grafton,"Turnbull's dam idea dumb: Rudd",2 November 2007,p.5].

I saw a copy of Mr. Turnbull's letter to the Nationals candidate for Richmond concerning the Oxley River. To put it baldly - Malcolm Turnbull lies.

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