Friday, 21 October 2011

The irony did not pass unnoticed

The Daily Examiner Letters to the Editor 13 October 2011:

Hands off
I FIND it highly amusing to have the people out west telling their neighbours to get their hands off "our water".
The Macquarie pipeline, taking water from the Macquarie River to enhance the water supply for Orange, is being met with stiff opposition from the folk from Forbes.
They even have enlisted Ian Kiernan to head their rally on Saturday.
It seems it is okay to want to divert water from the Clarence, but when it comes to a small pipeline to help Orange out of their woes, it's hands off. Although it's okay for Wellington, Bathurst and Dubbo to have Macquarie River water for their consumption.
The fishers out west seem to understand about the impact on fish by having reduced flows, so it will be good to have them onside next time some loony starts up about all that Clarence River water going out to sea and being wasted.



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