Thursday, 16 February 2012

Farmers, fishermen and conservation groups agree to fight mining in the Dorrigo Plateau and Clarence River catchments

The Daily Examiner 16 February 2012:
AN UNLIKELY coalition has formed to fight proposals to mine areas on the Dorrigo plateau.
At a meeting in Dundurrabin at the weekend, farmers, fishermen and conservation groups agreed to fight attempts to mine in the high-rainfall Dorrigo catchment.
Coffs Harbour councillor Mark Graham said there was a concerted push for the Dorrigo plateau to be declared off limits to mining.
He said there was a series of proposals for open-cut mining in the Orara, Little Nymboida, Wild Cattle Creek and Bobo areas, which was the most advanced.
"That all feeds into the Clarence, which is the regional water supply, and is the lifeblood of the Clarence Valley," he said.
"The reasons for campaigning for the Dorrigo plateau to be off-limits is for the health of the whole river and all the communities below it.
"The mining industry has said nowhere in the state is off-limits, but if anywhere should be it is the Dorrigo plateau because of its incredibly high rainfall."
Clarence Valley councillor Karen Toms said there should be no-go areas for mining and the Dorrigo plateau was one of those.
"We need to protect our water," she said.

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