Saturday, 28 July 2007

Have you noticed............(5)

It seems that the NSW Nationals MP for Clarence and the Federal Nationals candidate for Page can become quite talkative in newspapers sourced outside the Clarence Valley.
'But Page Nationals candidate Chris Gulaptis said he had discussed the issue with deputy prime minister Mark Vaile during Mr Vaile's visit to the region on Tuesday and the federal government "does not have a plan to dam local rivers."
Mr Gulaptis said the plan, like the GST, could only happen if the states supported it.
He said the Gold Coast's and Brisbane's water problems were as much a result of poor planning as they were of the drought, and that government initiatives like subsidies for rainwater tanks were a better way to fix the problem.
Clarence MP Steve Cansdell, who has claimed the Clarence would be dammed "over his dead body "agreed with Mr Gulaptis, saying "the issue was now closed."'
[The Northern Rivers Echo,Lismore,online,"Rudd vows to scrap dam plan",26 July 2007].
Pity that the Prime Minister and Minister for Environment and Water Resources are not playing to the local Nationals' script. It must cause Messrs. Gulaptis and Cansdell some heartburn when Canberra's actions keep contradicting their spin.

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