Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Rumour hath it............(2)

A little further north another rumour is doing the rounds.
To wit, that the rather disorganised Federal Minister for Environment and Water Resources has a least made a start on replying to letters and e-mails protesting against those NSW Northern Rivers water diversion proposals.
Unsurprisingly he still appears to wholeheartedly support the SMEC proposals and, apparently shows no sign of having comprehended the issues which Northern Rivers correspondents raised.
Nor does he give any indication of understanding other informed criticisms offered concerning particular water diversion options.
One could almost suspect that he hasn't bothered to fully acquaint himself with those concerns which the North Coast is attempting to draw to his attention.
Perhaps his staff need to point this minister in the direction of a New South Wales map. Just to remind him that there is more to this State than his residential, rural and investment properties.
Spending time blogging on about his own dogs just won't make the grade with the Clarence Valley [www.malcolmturnbull.com.au].

The intransigent attitude of the Federal Coalition almost makes it official - that obscure and preposterous term "kakistocracy" may now be applied to the Howard Government.
"kakistocracy (noun) - government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens"
[www.hmco.com,"The American Heritage: Dictionary of the English Language",(2000),fourth edition,Houghton Mifflin Company,USA]

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