Thursday, 9 August 2007

B*gger the fish - we need the votes!

The dark pink lines in the Mann-Nymboida subcatchment denote distribution of the last known wild population of Eastern (Freshwater) Cod.

This large native fish is so endangered that there are only a few thousand wild fish left in Australia and, these are found in the upper reaches of the Clarence River system [ABC TV "Catalyst",transcript,23 October 2003]

Perhaps Liberal MP for Wentworth and Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Malcolm Turnbull, will explain how any proposal to dam the Mann River and extract up to 100,000 megalitres of freshwater each year would assist this wild fish stock to survive into the future.

Pardon me, Minister - I couldn't quite hear what you said. I thought I heard you mutter: "B*gger the fish, I need to shore up the Coalition power base."

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