Thursday, 2 August 2007

Rumour hath it............(5)

It is rumoured that the Federal Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, has begun to arrange private meetings in Sydney this month with NSW Northern Rivers organisations.
Coincidentally, this sudden desire to meet appears to march with the Federal Government's renewed approach to the NSW and QLD governments, seeking their active cooperation in further assessment of those Northern Rivers water diversion options.
Perhaps Mr. Turnbull is hoping to secure an 'in principle' agreement, that further assessment of diversion options is desirable, from the likes of the Northern Rivers Regional Organisation of Council (NOROC) chaired as it is by a Nationals wannabee.
It is beginning to appear as through the Howard Government is increasingly desperate to get some form of endorsement, no matter how vague or thrice-removed, before it has to face voters on polling day.
However, nothing that the Government attempts will allow it to claim a mandate for any water raid on the Clarence catchment.

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