Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Howard Years - a reprise on lies and liars

Due to a continuing dissonance between pre-election attempts by the Federal Minister for Environment and Water Resources to hose down the issue of Clarence River catchment water diversion and the content of departmental letters still trickling through to North Coast residents, the following observation appears to be just as valid now as it was in the first half of last year.
"Gold medal liars
After observing the Coalition Federal Government since 1996 and reading or listening to a great many of its political statements, the following is my sincere opinion.
This Federal Government lies.
It tells small, medium and large lies. It tells whopper, gob-stopping lies. It even tells lies about telling lies.
It lies on the floor of Parliament, it lies in the media, it lies to the Australian people and, it lies to other sovereign nations.
Of all the federal governments installed since I reached my majority, this Federal Government publicly lies the most frequently and consistently.
If there was a Commonwealth Games event for liars, then the current Federal Government would win gold, silver and bronze.
[The Daily Examiner,Grafton,letters to the editor,23 March 2006,p.6]

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