Wednesday, 11 July 2007

What a waste!

On 11 July 2007 The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, ran an article which stated that the Queensland Water Commission had identified more than 3,000 households in south-east Queensland which consume more than 2,000 litres of water per day.
The story also identified four households consuming between 14,343 and 37,358 litres per day.
Fewer than 3 out of every 100 households reported as breaching SE Qld water restrictions are fined. [,The Courier-Mail,"Water crackdown a farce",11 July 2007]
Instead of encouraging Queenslanders to turn envious eyes on Clarence catchment water, Messrs Howard and Turnbull would be better off addressing the question of why water efficiency education does not appear to be having a significant effect on consumption in those areas crying water poor.

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