Monday, 24 September 2007

John Howard - too little, too late on climate change

Is it any wonder that the latest Galaxy poll has 49 per cent of respondents agreeing with the statement that John Howard is "out of touch and driven by self interest" [,"More bad poll news for Coalition",24 September 2007].
See links for Mr. Howard's latest fudge on climate change, which only half promises a 15 per cent green energy target to begin no later than 2010, relies in part on unproven clean coal technology and is dependant on legislation which hasn't been created yet:

The Australian Labor Party and Kevin Rudd remain committed to "ratify the Kyoto Protocol, introduce an emission trading scheme, set a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and substantially increase investment in renewable energy, like solar and wind." and "A national target to recycle 30% of wastewater by 2015" [].

With some large scale 'greenfield' urban development in the Clarence Valley already being reconsidered in light of climate change predictions, John Howard is indeed doing too little, too late.

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