Thursday, 12 July 2007

And still they come....

"Cr Tuckwell
Clarence River Diversion (Region 6 Murray Darling Association)
Members will recall a circular re the Clarence River Diversion which was published in the community news. As a result of this, now is the time to make a move to begin the process of investigation into this project.
Need to put this into the political field via the Murray Darling Association. This project has been strong in the minds of people along the Darling etc. Also generating interest from MP's and now is the time to see whether we can get this back on the Federal Government agenda. Would like to propose a motion to the Region 6 Murray Darling Association from Council to begin this process.
Moved Cr Tuckwell, seconded Cr Potter that the Alexandrina Council, through Region 6 Murray Darling Association, request the MDA Federal Board to ask the Federal Government to re-examine the Clarence River Diversion proposal, relative to water flows through the Murray-Darling Rivers System.
[Alexandrina Council,Minutes Ordinary Monthly Meeting,18 June 2007,p.42]

Note: Alexandrina Council is a coastal council in South Australia. Its motto is "Preserving the Past - Securing the Future". It should also read, "Ignoring the legitimate past and future of others"

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