Monday, 16 July 2007

Rumour hath it............(3)

There is persistent speculation in the Clarence Valley that the real reason John Howard is so hot for Clarence catchment water is because he is eager to secure additional water to further his nuclear power dream.
It is an interesting coincidence that two aspiring water raiders, from within the Murray Darling Basin water management boundaries, are connected with this speculation.
Bourke Shire Council in New South Wales has stated publicly that it would consider housing a nuclear power plant [ABC News Online,transcript,11 July 2006].
South Australia's Alexandrina Council is in the vicinity of one area tipped by the media in June 2006 to be a potential nuclear power plant site [,6 June 2006].
Out of the five companies created in 2006 which could take advantage of any government policy to create a nuclear power industry; two are registered in South Australia and a third was formed by a South Australian business man, along with two other gentlemen described as having impeccable Liberal Party connections. [Australian Securities and Investments Commission,16 July 2007,& ABC News Online,"7.30 Report",transcript,27 February 2007]
There are two operating uranium mines in South Australia, with one receiving water from within the current Murray Darling Basin Commission water management boundaries.

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